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I couldn't understand the idea? May someone explain it for me? Relation between flag and immigration law?

Is it mean that immigration allows culturel riches?

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I think so, but it sends out an odd message, making the all white flag appear villanous somehow.

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i think it is a comment on how people who immigrate to the US add colour to the country, as in skin colour, as in cultural colour. the flag may be red white and blue, but really it is made up of the people who live in the country... perhaps the law firm is trying to tug at new-commers heart strings to get clients?
i don't like it though, i don't think it says as much as i just postulated and i don't think it has anything to do with immigration law.

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that's what i got out of, too

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here the idea is more...let's do another white ad...that always works..it s so clear and simple...hä? nope...no go. so many interpretations...it could even be seen negatively..no good.

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Something's off with "Add colour." I get that the law firm is targeting people who will add colour to the country, but the message feels incomplete. "Add your own colours" or "Just add colour". Plus you don't "add colour" to a drawing, you colour it in. There's a disconnect here.

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