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Yash Vora
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This one's lower down the scale of popular American icons, a bald eagle perhaps??

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Yeah, not being from the states, I wouldn't have recognised this. what about the empire states building or (apologies to the americans) the Apache helicopter, or the M16 (thats what springs to alot of peoples minds when tey think of the states)

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Jonny Lonestar
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being from the united states. the liberty bell is a HUGELY important symbol of freedom. (myth has it, the bell cracked when it was rung to celebrate the declaration of independance from the UK... though truth be told, it is just a poorly made bell. and cracked on it's own.) regardless, it has been a symbol of freedom in america ever since, being utilized by abolishionists, women's lib., gay rights, and so on... it's the perfect way to call attention to "every (man) being equal" yet... somehow... not....

Sigh, apache helicopters... that is soooo depressing... we are not all bloodthirsty republicans...

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although it is not so confronting as the flag is...kind of...this one is maybe a symbol of freedom but still...the thought and the pic to not make more sense...really think about this....there come out more questionmarks and cons (instead of pros)...mh?

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Cool work Kiran Koshy...

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Very nicely done. it takes a second to understand, but isn't that what we want it to do. because you have to think about it. you look at the add longer and it brings you in. not like the one-liner ads that make you chuckle then move on. this is one of those that you think about and have the ever-important AHA moment that advertisers strive for. all the cleverness of a good ambient in a print ad. I like this one alot.

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