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interesting take i like it :)

theassailante's picture
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looks like there was a disturbance in the force.

msred's picture
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LOL! these are great.

kc_brock's picture
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the second ad is better, a little more subtle.
a wookie would've been hilarious here too.


TardyTurtle's picture
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I think an Eddie Izzard fan thought this one up. He did a bit on Darth Vader using the Deathstar canteen.

It's a very funny and effective idea, I think.

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i really like the idea behind it. they camouflage the big, unpopular companies by showing their much more likeable 'products' being stranded and sort of devoid of their powers.

but i think the line ruins this thought by mentioning the movie industry. also the term 'kill' seems inappropriate to me, it just doesn't go with the picture.

then darth vader is probably not the most likeable star wars character. agree with kc_brock, a wookie would have been way better here than vader (chewy looks quite down-and-out anyway)
apart from that i don't really like most of these movie star and superhero ads.
people who see ads like this in magazines often only remember the character but not the product / service etc.

sorry but i had to say this, i feel so much better now...

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One of those where they show the cause and effect. Thanks to gifts.com santa is out of job, thanks to the low cost VW the bus driver is out of job etc etc...

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the cheese is outstanding...

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This is the stuff. Like it alot.

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Nice. Cool. But won't work. Even it reminds me to the point that the companies more affected by piracy are the most rich ones. sorry to say

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I cant help but feeling like this is a rip-off...
Anybody ever seen "Circle" with Eddie Izzard, the 10 minute bit where Darth Vader is in line at the catering?

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old idea...remind me of all those 'work for food' ads.

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Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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