Kaffeine Public Relations: Dog

Crisis PR. Wanna talk about it?

Rorschach Test helps to reveal hidden desires and fears. Making it possible to find the best approach to the problem. Deep understanding and professionalism of Kaffeine Public Relations staff are to identify and solve client's tasks/conflicts in any sphere of interaction with society.

Advertising Agency: Kaffeine, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Directors: Anze Jereb, Dima Tsapko
Art Director: Dima Tsapko
Copywriter: Nadya Skrynnyk
Illustrator: Dima Tsapko
Published: September 2011


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- Wanna talk about it?
- Yes! Give me another cup of coffee.

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yep, it's a real crisis of a campaign.

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not bad, but not great at all.

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hawaiian loop
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that's very very inappropriate

strange days

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dean viii
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Ink blots were done to death probably way back in the 80s. And, this is just bad.

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Seriously Crazy
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whoa! n how are the dog and what not relevant?

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God save the art direction.

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