Kaffeine Communications: Rubik Snake

May your puzzles all be solved in upcoming 2013.

Advertising Agency: Kaffeine, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Directors: Dima Tsapko, Anze Jereb
Art Directors: Dima Tsapko, Roman Davydyuk
Designer: Roman Davydyuk
Copywriter: Nadya Skrynnyk
Published: December 2012


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First of all I don't get the idea of why it uses mundane colors. I understand they wanted to use the Rubik's Cube theme here. But personally I think splash of colors might have increased the excitement of the whole thing. Coz when you solve the puzzle it has to come out as exciting. Some of those should have been present there.

Second, I don't know why its a Rubik's snake.

All in all, not very interesting


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Year of Snake = Rubik's Snake
You might be too young, though

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Roger Keynes
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Will Think for Salary

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