Kafe Fontana: Cricket, 3

Sixers. Fours. And a whole lot more. All the action of IPL Cup Cricket. With copious amounts of champagne and beer. Live at Kafe Fontana.

Advertising Agency: Equus Red Cell, New Delhi, India
Creative Director / Copywriter: Swapan Seth
Art Director: Anusheela Saha
Published: April 2008


The JAD.'s picture
The JAD.
11 pencils

Copious amounts of champagne and beer...

No wine to go with the wine bottle opener?

untitledartwork's picture
33 pencils


Yo can open beer with this thing....but champgane....

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
828 pencils

actually, you can open beer with it (champagne cork pops out by itself, so you don't need it)

picopalqlea's picture
999 pencils

beer cans don't have corks.... and most of the bottles have "screwcaps" now.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
828 pencils

aha, in Canada ;) i know what you mean, tap beer doesn't have a cap either, i don't justify using the wine corkscrew in context of beer and champagne at all, but there's a glimpse of logic with the former.

kaushik's picture
2 pencils

using the cork screw, copious inspiration from museum of sex creatives!

brndnrap8's picture
170 pencils
Abhishek Borde's picture
Abhishek Borde
26 pencils

very hard to explain

eraburge's picture
36 pencils

that corkscrew is broken

awenindo's picture
215 pencils

why all the whine about the wine? this isn't bad...just one line in the copy 'screwed' it up...

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

NO NO NO more corkscrew people please.

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