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Bundy Agency
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Spot on, you need a lot more than a copywriter, you need a whole creative department

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yeah u need someone to do these ads in the first place!

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Wow, two copywriters, two art directors, a creative director and a guy to give approval, all for such a lame idea...

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yes a guy to give approval ... hilarious. can't belive these guys are getting paid to create

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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"The swissarmy knife of..." The oldest trick on the book. SO LAME.

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this is really horrible. no one involved did a good job. especially the approval guy

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Wait...JWT is now Leurzer's Archive..???
I'm confused.
I'm sorry, but this is not good.

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the logo is very nice

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you guys can do better than that... come on... not the swiss knife again

art director


its ok to not comment...

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Good Ad

MBR-Advertising Headhunters is well established throughout the region and beyond,thanks to our dedicated staff and our commitment to all agencies large and small.Today we represent thousands of candidates covering all levels of experience, from creative to client servicing, media or management. We are proud to have provided the industry with a unique service through understanding both the agency's and candidates alike. Hence we are seen as a true partner by all.

MBR-Advertising Headhunters is all about your most valuable resource, "people." Our Recruitment Team specialize in the placement of mid to senior level management professionals across Middle East.

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wow, this ad is truly ground breaking. The art on the page is actually smaller than the agency's logo.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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purple tree
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uhmmm..."Art DiCrector?" hahahahah.... cool...i want one of those


really this is so lame idea, but believe me i'm in Bahrain too, but i know these guys are getting paid so high for this crap, and agencies in Bahrain are run by rich stupid locals (not all) they want to put their name also some how into the middle of any artwork, so no wonder there is a guy to approve this job he must be the guy who owns the franchise.... what poor Malabari art directors can do about it...... im sure there would have been gr8 ideas with the original presentation and they are waked by that rich stupid local...... so bad....

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I actually liked it.

It's not too creative, but it's something you'll easily spot out among other content in a newspaper or magazine, etc.

I think it does the job. I think it's smart. Not too creative, but quite acceptable.

As long as the AD is sending the message, I don't have to come up with something soooooooooooo know every time....

I like it.

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hi guys, swiss knife is not the way.

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It's your mistake JWT Bahrain.
You didn't even read my application!

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"You use a swiss knife,
you deserve to die"

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