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Activity Score 24

what is this about???

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Activity Score 234

kinda forced..

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Activity Score 24

what is this about???

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Activity Score 7609

i think its about new paper that doesnt jam in the printer???? glossy or something as i read the headline..
my only thing is why are the words about justice and peace and freedom????
hey, maybe freedom to print and justice to get the hardcopy in peace???
gosh! is it like that?

| everartz |

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Activity Score 1142

i guess it bring the meaning that doubleA paper won't jam, as it's people wishes. (and they're hoping) justice peace and freedom won't jam as well. nothing much really relate to the product. i guess they trying to doubleA an image, something like doubleA concern the world issue and blah blah blah.

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Activity Score 1052

Choice of words could have made it better. But this one's pretty average.

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Activity Score 1592

Nice thought. Could have done better though.

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Activity Score 30

very bad

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Activity Score 34

i like the idea. is an interesting concept

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Activity Score 1047

See what they're trying to do, but 'justice' is not a great thought. It's a word. Might have been stronger if the beginning of a great thought (like a famous speech) was written out and had gotten stuck half way ... but even then, it's still not much of an idea. The link b/w great thoughts and paper is a little tenuous for me.