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quite a fun campaign.

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I won't use suicide to a kids target. The barman one it's funny, but I don't know, this campaign is not good enough for me. 4/10

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I think the parents are the target audience in this case so I approve this campaign...It's funny and makes parents worry about their kids...in a way.

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heal the world!!!!!!!!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Suicide prevention groups will be all over this ad if it ran here in the U.S.
GM's superbowl spot showing a "robot" jumping off a bridge drew a lot of controversy and got pulled off the air in the end. VW's new commercial (by CP+B) titled "Jumper" shows a man contemplating suicide standing on the roof of a building. It was again pulled off the air just a couple of days ago.
The concept is nothing new, but I wonder if the theme is getting to be a wide-spread phenomenon.
Personally, I don't mind the depiction of suicidal people in an ad (probably not the children, though) if it was done tastefully (although it's not a palatable subject). I'm sure there's a good example but I can't think of it right this second.
I just think people are getting more and more uptight about everything these days...

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This is the worst of the fashionable award/scam genre. If the creatives have kids, they should be ashamed. It doesn't make parents worry about their kids. It's junior rubbish that should've been squashed by the CD or at least the client at first sighting. Chupa Chup has approved some great ads in the past. This is an abomination.

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i get the concept, but the thought of a suicidal kid is rather disturbing. :/

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its perfect it is targeted to adults and very different!!! i found it excellent

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Lighten up guys.
This campaign is funny.
It's simply saying you're kids need chupa chups to function.
No child would understand the idea if the saw it in a magazine anyway.

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Don Jono
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when i look at it, i think for a while then i laugh..
really great

Lets Play!

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From the attention point of view, this is perfect (everybody will be talking about it). But too deep into the bad taste zone for a candy ad.

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