Julyna: WooHoo

Let's win the fight against cancer one woo-hoo at a time.

Men have Mo-vember. Women have Julyna – a non-profit organization that encourages creative grooming to raise money and increase awareness of cervical cancer and HPV. This print campaign promotes their fundraising event.

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass
Art Director: Angela Sung, Tom Koukodimos
Copywriter: Rachel Abrams

July 2011


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Same... hard to read and I question the art direction choice of the navel. Looks like a finger print or something.

I can still imagine this picking up an award somewhere just because it is somewhat edgy.

elenasumudica's picture
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he wrote it that way to make it look like pubic hair. and that s why is not in column :)

chuckieT's picture
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No kidding.

I was questioning why the navel looks likes a finger print. They could have used something else like a round logo or something to represent the navel.

And who is "he"?

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