Juicy Fruit: Shark

There is a much juicier chew

Wrigley’s wanted to position Juicy Fruit as a gum packed full of delicious juicy flavour. Solution: To highlight this 'Juicier Chew' benefit DDB Sydney showed various animals and cannibals choosing to chew Juicy Fruit over their usual diet.

Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
Photographer: Jeremy Park
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Creative Director: Mark Harricks
Art Director: Simon Johnson
Copywriter: Charlie Cook
Producer: Corina Slack
Agency Producer: Bryson Holt
Typographers: Jay Young, Erwin Santoso
3D: Cream
Retoucher: Cream
Via: bestadsontv


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sharks cant chew

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Don Rapper
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that is one stupid comment

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this series has the resemblance of - the really sour series from India

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I dont think I've ever seen this way of advertising chewing gum. Great!

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good campaign.
just one question: who is the target? juries?

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what is so brilliant about this? it's pretty much average

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This one is funny, but i still don´t get the idea.

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The idea is that the shark has found something better tha human flesh to chew on: gum.

This one works, I think, unlike the dinosaur version.

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Silvi la idea es la siguiente

Para un tiburón es jugoso comerse una persona
Para un caníbal es jugosos comerse un turista
Para un dinosaurio es jugoso comerse a una persona

entonces al decir jugoso significa "rico" "saboroso" ect.

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Si, pero el mensaje va más allá de lo que comentas. La bajada, y no la traducción del concepto, te dice "EXISTE HAY ALGO MUCHO MAS JUGOSO/SABROSO QUE CUALQUIER COSA", las tres imágenes terminan de rematar la idea.

De hecho, si te vas por la interpretación lineal, le estarias hablando al tiburón, al dinosaurio y al canibal que mejor que comerse un humano jugoso está la opción del Juice Fruit (la goma de mascar). Pero tampoco nos cerremos, me parece que el concepto está chévere y la licencia visual está simpática.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Really nice image! Cream has done a great retouch and 3D job on this one!
Go to my blog to se listing of other great retouch and CGI studios. Cream is there!


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This is about the 5th scam campaign this writer has done.

And it's unbelievably bad.

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this one is the strongest

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I like this ad, but not the other two. I think it's because this ad takes place in the 'real world' that I know, thus I can make a legitimate emotional connection. The other two ads are in some fantasy world, which makes the proposition seems much more forced. If you brought them back to reality, they would have been better I think. (Alligator, Grizzly Bear, etc...)

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Like it for the target!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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didn't get the 'juicy' connection. also, the great white makes me think of an old cinnaburst concept from the 90s. my $0.02

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My favorite of the campaign.

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love it

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only this works somehow

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very funny

best of the bunch


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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grows on me

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