Jüdischer Salon am Grindel e.V.: Messiah

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Elbe
Art Directions: Arne Weitkämper
Copywriters: Sascha Hanke, Tobias Grimm, Christoph Breitbach
Illustrators: Arne Weitkämper, Nelli Quiring, Julia Stoffer

June 2009


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I guess you need to be jewish to appreciate this already.

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Perhaps maybe.

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Don't copy Piet Parra's style. If you can't get him to make your illustrations.

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This is bigotry in style.

outsmart me, if you can

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Do you really need 6 million dead jews to win an award?
What about just use your head and make a great idea instead?

so embarassing.

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"Do you really need 6 million dead jews to win an award?"

yeah, right. "oh their german.. and oh, it's about jews.. so this is my big chance... so why don't I just accuse them of anti-semitism.. IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT"


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While I understand the concept (which is "OK?" at best) ... I find it hard to believe that there weren't better choices for illustration. Where's the talent?

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Very nice idea!!

"Unless the Messiah is Coming", means that these people are Christian or Messianic Jewish and according the Bible when Messiah will come He will take all His people with him, so in this case they can't be at their business at that time :)

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