Joupi Toy Shop: Birthday

Don't fear finding the perfect present
Joupi the go to shop for toys and presents

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG 360, France
Creative Director: Hugues Pinguet
Art Director / Copywriter: Vincent Boudgourd
Illustrator: Marcel Gronez


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Design Central
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Nice abstraction.

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Milan Solanki
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how come finding a present is frightening?

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I was wondering the same thing. The art work is awesome, but I just don't get it...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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Milan Solanki
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may b they meant to convey finding a present is confusing, or may b beer bottles got hold of their brains while creating this, anyway, yes artwork is very good

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I love the art.

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