Jornal O Povo: Hendrix

Black music was the greatest rock ‘n’ roll influence.
Now can you see why your son doesn’t wear anything but black?
Celebrate Equality.
November 20th. Brazilian Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Advertising Agency: Íntegra, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Lauro Marcus, Paulo Fraga
Art Director: Gesse Colares, Lauro Marcus, Malu Lima
Copywriter: Bruno Biú, Paulo Fraga
Illustrator: Gesse Colares

November 2011


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Copy not true on this one.

jponino's picture
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yeah, and moreover starting from rock'n roll to celebrate equality by saying that rock'n'roll was inspired by black music... weird and bad way to get to the point, the copywriter lost his way during his concept here

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copy me ssed it up....


Abhishek Parikh's picture
Abhishek Parikh
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I like the idea. But yes.. the copy is messed up.. something like this could be still worthy:
"Black music has touched a lot of people.
Though its people still remain a touchy issue."

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Good work. Bad copy

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