Jornal O Popular: Great brands, 1

Great brands never die.

Every year, join the most popular brands in the Brazilian Midwest for an awards night. We do a research and then we give a prize for the most remembered by the people.

Illustrator: Jesus Araújo J.

Advertising Agency: Bees Publicidade, Goiânia, Brazil
Creative Director: Flávio Filho
Art Directors: Jesus Araújo J., Raphael Faria, Marcos Roberto
Copywriter: Guilherme Prado
Additional credits: Vitor Duarte, Camilla Leal

September 2013

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33 pencils

i think, this one is the best, out of this campaign. really nice idea, using the iconographic language of great musicians and mixing them with popular brands... nice one. but the characters could be more drawn.

someone is grinning like the cheshire cat!

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