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I hope this is not what I'm thinking about...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Dot dot dot indeed.

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I think it's nice. Do you guys feel it racist?

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People are always looking for an excuse to get offended. Chinese people have slanted eyes. And blacks are black. This is a fact. Nothing racist about it.

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Yes we sometimes read offence where there is none.

In this case, I think this joke/observation is tired, overused and uncreative.

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To MindDrift

Not all the Chinese people have slanted eyes first of all. And a lot of them DO NOT have slanted eyes. So this is definitely stereotyping or racist. Blacks are black because they are, this is necessary. But it is not necessary for a Chinese to have slanted eyes. That's what you called " People are always looking for an excuse to get offended" ??. At least, that's what people perceiving in this post. You are just dumb bro.

PS: sorry for the poor grammar

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Turkish guys advertising a Chinese restaurant... Not great.
BTW its not racist.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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I think the ad needs something more.

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Just plain sucks. Racist or not, it's just a horrible ad for a restaurant.

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People are getting bore around all the world, trying to be over politically correct. I simply can't see racism in this ad!
Some people here in comment session are getting funny over other's jobs, like a "ad bullying".

Creative Director

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I like it, but its not original. Definitely not racist.

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interesting idea

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I can't see anything racist about it. So pure and nice message. I like it!

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i think its good but not such powerful

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