Jokers Casino: Chewing Gum

In life, luck is disperse. At Jokers Casino it’s in each m2.
Grabbing the bride’s bouquet, finding a nickel on the street, meeting the love of your life in a place least expected. In life luck is everywhere; disperse, hidden, waiting for you. At Jokers Casino it’s in each m2. Good or bad luck, it doesn’t matter! Luck is just that. But not only for gambling, because isn’t it luck to find one or more friends at a game table? Or laugh and share with some strangers that you have never seen in your life? Isn’t it luck to lose sense of time without stopping to have fun? So, why not come to Jokers Casino? the place where luck never rests.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Director: Diego Villalba
Art Directors: Melissa Gaitan, Andrés Gavilanes
Copywriters: Diego Villalba, Víctor Basantes
Illustrator: Andrés Gavilanes

March 2011


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Las Cosas como son
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Muy bueno, qué buen nivel!

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I like the art.

Phil Hamilton's picture
Phil Hamilton
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while i've never agreed that getting poo'd on by a bird or standing on chewing gum is at all lucky, I like these.
Good feel to them

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Me encanta como se ve el chicle. Bien Pajarito!!!

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