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Hmmm...OK...I'm pretty sure how old I am.
Don't really like the line........

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6.1 after 9 votes? Really?

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I believe there is a typo - "How old do you think YOUR are?" ...

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jackal hunts
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It's not targeting youth definitely:(

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Looks too busy, average.

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first - there's typo error, instead of YOU its YOUR. second - the female jumping doesn't look old (i agree that's what the product does to you, but it gives you energy and not makes you wrinkle free), she should have been old; the female depicted in the creative. lastly the communication does not SUPPORT the VITAL piece of the communication.

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where did the jumping girl come from? there isnt enough room behind her

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Is the guy in the back expressing his feelings towards this ad?

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Jakarta Jack

this is an OK idea that looks ridiculous because of bad art direction and crappy photography.

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hey why da boy is hiding his face !!???? :S

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