Johnson & Johnson Reach mint dentotape: Cow

Food has no chance.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Chafic Haddad, Russell Heubach
Creative Director / Copywriter: Dave Nicholson
Art Director: Husen Baba
Account Manager: Rochelle Barreto
Planner: Prabhakar Iyer

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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Thhis is really bad, art direction is very lame and the idea is just a joke, that's all.

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I disagree. As a whole, I think the campaign is good. My only issue with this particular ad is that it shows a cow. Do people eat cows in UAE? Milk is one thing, but you need no dental floss for that.

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they do, but not pork!


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I would like to retract my question. It was really stupid. It's just that I eat only chicken and turkey, and for a moment I got confused, seeing a cow! lol

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Tryed hard to be creative

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I was thinking I'd have made these animals look like they are stunned, surprised or shocked, to make the campaign even funnier. Because, right now they are looking like they are having fun or something. Still, I love the campaign. I like the fact that they used red as a background color.

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i love chicken lols

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All of you are a gang of fools, how can you just say something is bad when you ever have won an award in your poor creative lifes, the idea is good, and the art direction is simple, you should first win a name to judge a work, you are nobody, think people, think, thats our job.

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I agree (though I wouldn't call people fools). It's ok to not like this campaign or any other, but to give it 2 stars (or anything less than five) is just unfair. This is really not THAT bad.

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Lmao that's the funniest from the chief of fools!!!
even forgot to provide the links to his award shelves and creativity.

Just registered to feel big by putting others down with a retarded comment.


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I never have that much cow...

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