John West: Less Mess

The heroic story of canned tuna you don't have to drain.

John West No Drain tuna has used the endline 'Less Mess' since its launch 2 years ago. With all the latest global excitement around the film Les Mis, we couldn't resist the opportunity to play on it.

Advertising Agency: CheethamBellJWT, Manchester, UK
Art Director: Martin Smith
Copywriter: Andy Huntingdon

January 2013


tazyboy's picture
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nice art direction...nothing special

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I say the ad is okay..

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punny ad... XD

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Phil Lestino
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Can someone stop dsfweshithead from sticking his ad in all the if anyone visiting this site is gonna buy his hit!
oh and the ad for the tuna is ok

eins-eins-null's picture
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i'd like it much more without reference to the movie.
oh and yeah i totally agree: someone please kill that dsfslut even though it's the kind of sarkasm i normally like to annoy advertisers with advertising :)

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Andy Huntingdon
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What? Without reference to the movie it would make no sense.


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@ andy: ditto here...

that's why it sez after "Post new comment": Do not SPAM or LINK DROP. ugh... this is utterly insane. wanna punch that guy right on the face (if i ever see him/her in person).. >:-( hmmp.

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or can somebody report him/her for drop-linking? could work, perhaps... /shrugs

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