John West: Bear

John West
The best

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ant Shannon
Art Director: Tim Holmes
Copywriter: Brendon Guthrie
Production company: Electric Art
Account Director: Ben Dalla Riva
Agency Producer: Sandi Gracin
Retoucher: Paul Gawman

June 2011


morse's picture
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It kinda makes me sad. Not sure why...

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john ler
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Maybe cause it looks more like an environmental topic, like 'stop ocean pollution'.

pierrelastname's picture
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EASY, BASIC, AND nothing new

Bob.C's picture
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The concept is ok, but with the art direction I end up feeling sorry for the bear (the expression? the string bag? maybe the fact everything else is natural?) and as if I would be robbing the poor bear if I bought the product.

I feel that if it would work better as part of a tv campaign where some character could be put in the bear (maybe it is and we didn't see the ad)

abdeLooK's picture
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the bear looks like he is drowing..

gadgets's picture
1063 pencils

I agree...

ace85le's picture
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sending off the wrong vibe. no no no


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purshotham's picture
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Very sad...

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