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The first time I saw this art I wanted to make an ad like this, but didn't have one that would work. This works beautifully. If copying art is taboo in advertising, we're all in trouble.

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The arts have influenced many ads, and I must say I really, really like these.

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i like the use of "the shadow art shows" in an AD

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Gorilla Lover
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These are GREAT. Pointing out the art it is based off of made me like these even more. Made me happy that it wasn't just a fake retouched shadow. Very nice.

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Of course they're retouched...

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Ron Jeremy
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Very nice indeed. Who cares that some artist did it first.

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But once an agency uses this execution in another ads, then they are accused of stealing/ copying from Lowe. Hmmmn....

However, I'm not against this, whether 'borrowing' from art or an ad, as long as it's relevant and works for the concept.

Any other opinion?

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Nice, and real and for a real client, a nice change on that front

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