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Uhhh... don't think so. I'll pass!

jules's picture

same here! so what is it.. night safari? i doubt that orangs are nocturnal... the team must be drunk when they though it up... well at least one of em was...

Can's picture

poor chimps. i don't want to think about them while they are having sex. i didn't like it

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Okay seriously: nobody noticed the name of the copywriter? :)
'Nuff said.

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Ya def creative juices flowing! ;0p

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i wish these all weren't about watching animals bump uglies.

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I think I'm getting old because this ad is somehow offensive to me....
As a Creative Director I understand the value in "jarring" peoples
pre-concieved notions...making them uncomfortable to create a more
lasting impression but this is completely irrelavant.

farshid's picture

zoo...zooo...zooooo, come on!

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See, the problem here is that zoos are supposed to be a destination for families. If you're a parent, a night safari would be a great place to take the kids. I think this is not such a great way to entice people to come visit a night safari.

Then again, this ad was done for awards. Still, it's not a compelling argument for me to come visit.

Guest's picture

The visual is there only to MAKE A POINT THAT THE ZOO HAS NIGHT SAFARI's

The creatives probably think that the audience has an IQ over 45 and would understand that this is not what happens at night.

As for your parent-child thing, ANIMALS SCREW DURING THE DAY TOO!!

That doesn't mean I like the ad, I think the idea is weak. But no parent-child thing please. That's even lame.

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I've seen monkeys eating their own shit and pissing on each other during the day, and it only cost me $30 at the zoo.

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sexxxxxy copy guys..rocks

Elin's picture

IT is so .........

Guest's picture

Look at those monkeys. This is where AIDS came from.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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really sad,

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Why do they had to be shown having sex, the copy was really fun to play with... catching the animals doing freak stuff was one way to xploit the concept but... explicit sex? c'mon this is a weak try to catch atenttion...

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