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don't really get this one.

they managed to rip off the car but not the store? because even though the store seems to have no doors it has those rolling metal bars...?

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Man, those rolling metal bars ARE the door.
Tough ROLLING door. Get it?

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the mighty ham
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It's a jewelry store in a bad neighbourhood. Look at all those tempting diamond necklaces in the window.

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I don't think it's obvious enough that it's a jewelry store. Maybe if they incorporated some purple into the store, to give the idea of wealth, or royalty, or just made the image a bit more clear it would pop more.

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Not so smart,

Too simple!

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Simple, but nice.
In God I trust

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C'mon guyz! This is as 1st thought as it gets.

Anyway was wonderin wats happenin inside da store...maybe da boss n his secretary was doin a bit of Bra-in storming!


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weak ad.

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Guest commenter

nice ad.. even a normal people like me can understand

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