Logo, 6

Beware of copycats.

Art Director: Louis Audard
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Released: June 2009


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I'm laughing it.

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Extremely outdated and easy idea.

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The simplest, the best.

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The original?

This? Not so original.

Really really overused technique of changing known brands/logos.

And for the record, the campaign I link also sucks hard.

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yeah, mixing (and hijacking) logotypes is an old idea. And I knew somone would try to argue that it was not original :-) You're not surprising dude...
Anyway as long as it was not hijacked the exact same way (and with the same brand involved) for the same kind of product/service it's not a "copycat" to me! Or if you say so... all ads containing the Statue of Liberty are copycats?

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Too many people go round throwing the 'done' word at ads, simply because they used a similar/same element or device as other ads. Logo manipulation is just a device, it can be used and used again to convey different messages.

It's like seeing an ad and saying, "Wait a minute, this ad features a car driving along a coastline!! I've seen that before!! Done!! Done!! The old 'car driving on coastline' thing. So done!"

People need to grasp the difference between 'done' and 'similar'.

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Yet the "Pasta from the past" ad you posted on your site is for different products/service and is hardly hijacked the exact same way.

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Just OK guys.
This one 'specialy funny.

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