Jockey: Street magic

No one needs to know - Jockey No Pantyline

Advertising Agency: Mudra Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Illustrator: Adria Fruitos
Art Director: Nikhil Narayanan
Copy Writer: Akhilesh Bagri

May 2010


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I dont get it

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someone should hang david blaine

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I get it, but I don't think this is competitive, hence 3 stars. It's mildly funny and original, but it's not going to make me personally buy Jockey. Besides, isn't the "no panty line" collection for women only? We have one for men too??

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nice illustration, nice artwork but will this work ? (i think this is a wall paper ad )

Simple ideas are the best !

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ek kanya
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was this released?looks like an idea retrofitted to an illustration

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nopes. doesnt work for me.

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love the illustration

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right really good art work like it..but i think it will not work out ...ill give 5 for illustration

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can't intepret

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no pantyline means that your panties can't be seen through your clothes.seeing panties is ugly so hiding them is hiding the ugly you see them hiding the ugly truth of their trick.its a bit convoluded but the ad basically means no one needs to see your panty line.

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cant make out wat for it is

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