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Again, the details! Why hasnt the hat flown off and the hair gone in a hundred directions? Why is the shirt hanging so loosely? If the goggles have broken, why arent the eyes squinted shut?

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It's a jockey hat. It's tied under his chin.

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It's supposed to look like a parachuter (hence the parachute goggles, that are not broken, look more closely) his helmet is tied to his head, that's why it doesn't fall off.
Nice idea, the visual looks really good, but in my opinion the ad is a bit boring...

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Even though tied to his head, wouldnt it slip backwards like a cowboy hat does?

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no, it wouldnt.

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nice gaijin
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Does a bike helmet slip backwards when you wear it?

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When it's going at the supposed speed this is, sure. In theory, given the mouth position, we're looking at someone going maybe a couple of G's. That's pretty fast. And you're telling me his hat would stay on? Doubt it.

And no one's addressed the shirt. Guess that's too easy.

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Bundy Agency
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"Stigset" why do you think he is supposed to look like a parachuter?
surely he's a jockey and his horse is going fast.
in my opinion the reason for all the little things not being accurate is..... budget
the reason for the copy being so hard to read is.... poor art direction

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well, I thought so because of the goggles, the expression (the way his mouth flaps, like when you sky dive) and the fact that we only see the sky. But after a closer look I realized those goggles are also used by jockeys.
I understood it was a jockey, but I thought they wanted him to resemble a sky diver to get that speed feling.

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you take things to literally sean martin, Its (ad land) we can do what what we want.

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- kk

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good job than other.

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Is this Brazil day?

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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The glass has put on so tight damn cool thing here.....but what about his shirt?

Looks funny

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Well executed if you ask me (I know, nobody is asking), but anyway...
Only thing I would do different is make him lean his head a bit more backwards...

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