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john doe
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forced exaggeration

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The shaver has nothing to do with a corn field!!! Too constructed. Amazing bad performance.

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LOL -- well, yes, a cornfield has nothing to do with a shaver, but isnt the point of advertising to create those kind of links to get people to think about your product in a new light?

As for this, well, the idea of the patterns in corn- or wheatfields has had its day, just as the whole "phenomenom" has passed on. It's not even good as retro right now. The other one is better by far, but this is the kind of campaign that should have run five or six years ago.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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This is for South Korea, maybe they're just now hearing about these things...


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I think crop signs are kinda cool. So I like this. Sometimes I just like stupid stuff.

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only a word: BAD

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I want to eat a piece of turd.


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a man's brain is known better by the phrases he says, nice brndnrap8, very nice phrase, shows what kind of man you are.

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it doensn't work, i see no match with a shaver, It will match perfect with a lawnmower

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Guest commenter

wouldn't even match a lawnmower.
Crop circles are flattened down crop (usually still alive , weirdly) and not cut.

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flip the landscape to a man's skin and you may have something.

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