Jissbon Ribbed Condoms: Bathroom

Caution: Might disturb your neighbor.

Advertising Agency: Firstell Communications, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Murphy Chou
Art Directors: Murphy Chou
Copywriters: Murphy Chou, Donghai Liu
Photographer / Retoucher: Christian Chambenoit
Published: May 2008

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gooooooood campaign.....love it

love anything creative

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Audrius Kubrik
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I guess WWWorker was right - the loudness may be the most obvious consequence of pleasure in a creative mind after all.

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haven't seen this approach before, and the eggshell does make you think ribbed. that's the good.

here's the bad: nothing looks attached, the first thing i thought was fake (even before the entire image loaded).

i love the idea though, and think it will rock when done well.

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Great Campaign...

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Worst of the batch. Weird perspective! I blame Murphy & Kens for that; but not the Photoshop
; )


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No no no....
I thought this was for "Home theater" Ad! I wont buy condoms that make noise! lol hahahahh

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Guest commenter

you obviously dont have enough knowledge to understand this ad. ever been to a recording studio and they have the same things on the wall? its to keep the room sound proof not to "signify" ribbed.

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Aren't the walls covered with the ribbed Latex? Preventing the sound from going out? Ano... Thats what I thought when I saw the visuals...
Ahhh! ~Hazkashi

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Why didn't they show the neighbor wearing headphones or something. That would have been funnier.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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Guest commenter


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