Jimnah Mbaru for Governor: Classifieds

Jimnah Mbaru has jobs for Nairobi.

An election campaign in Kenya is a very big event, with months of politicking ahead of the actual election itself. We were approached by one of the key candidates in the race for the governorship of Nairobi to highlight his understanding and concern for the city’s unemployed. The creative approach was allied to an innovative media strategy. We took six full pages in the ‘job vacancy’ section of the city’s leading daily newspaper and filled them with dummy classifieds – all the jobs that the candidate promised to create if he was elected. This had an immediate effect on the electorate and press because this approach was totally new and unexpected. Press coverage and social media hits quickly went of the scale, and added enormous weight to the ad itself.

Advertising Agencies: Smoke Signal & TBWA East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Executive Creative Director: Jimmy Geeraerts
Art Director: Chris Madison
Copywriter: Mark Kovalevsky
Designer: Aaron Muiru
Published: January 2013


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This is a great political campaign.

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I like.

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Jesse James
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Indeed a great political use of media. Am pretty sure that was the talk of the day.

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Crystal 3CB
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It was a pretty clever idea, and well executed. Definitely a first for this market. Winning!

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