June 2012

Print advertisment created by Doner, United States for Jeep, within the category: Automotive.

There's a soldier in every one.

Advertising Agency: Doner, Southfield, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Creative Directors: Sam Sefton, Rob Legato
Copywriter: Chris Mcelmeel
Art Director: Tim Mcelmeel
Photographer: Tim Mcelmeel
Art Buyer: Kathy Lyons-Urbanek

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Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

Forced. Very 80´s and an awfull philosophy if you´re not from US.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 48065

Out of the four jeep ads this was the only good one.

Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

Forced. Very 80´s and an awfull philosophy if you´re not from US.

mr.x's picture
Activity Score 998

Agreed. But I guess it speaks to their target group.

someguy's picture
Activity Score 674

The headline is so wrong but the art direction is so cool.

adadict's picture
Activity Score 49

I don't see what is wrong with the line. As everyone knows Jeeps were created for the military (Jeep is some sort of abbreviation of GP which stands for General Purpose), so the history of the car is tightly connected to the army. The line is obviously referring to the car, and to say that "there is a soldier in everyone", it's just a way to metaphorically express that every Jeep vehicle is as strong, dependable and brave as any good soldier (from whatever army, not only the US).
As for the art direction, it is pretty conceptual and simple. If conceptual and simple is a passé thing that belongs to the 80s, please enlighten me here. I wish photography had been more polished and the objects didn't look so flat. Other than that, it's a pretty nice piece.

Fernando Fernandes's picture
Fernando Fernandes
Activity Score 1415

Como sempre, alguns tracinhos e dois circulos falam muito!

LOLWREN's picture
Activity Score 16

It should have been other items; car keys, chewing gum, sunglasses, map ect (things you take driving), lined up as if by a solider...