Jeep: Snow White

No more danger on the road.
The highest safety features for the adventurous family.

Advertising Agency: DDB, La Paz, Bolivia
Creative Director / Illustrator: Henry Medina
Art Director: Crash Christian Morales
Copywriter: Bernardo Molina
Account Manager: Mariana Calvo

February 2013


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1315 pencils

Couldn't understand the connection of the art. !? Would appreciate if anyone can explain.

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Austin Video Pr...
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The tag and the images don't mix.

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Phil Lestino
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The witch is supposed to be caged so that she cannot give snow white the poison apple...however since the apple is so small and the bars so wide apart I guess snow white will die a horrible death being run over by the jeep that is hiding behind the trees

DesignDine's picture
1315 pencils

Well understood ;)

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