Jeep: Grill, Liberty

Capture the Wild.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Director: Bogdan Truta
Copywriter: Michael Aronson
Illustrator: Bogdan Truta
Photographer: Getty Images

February 2012


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Why "capture"? I get what you tried to do with the bars... but i don't find it logical... yeah, you can say that appreciating it is some kind of "appropriation", but those creatures are free in their natural environnements and it's us who's the prisoner in the cage

Maybe trying to show it like a mobile-human-zoo, that you get yourself in that Jeep cage so the free creatures can see you, would make more sense

Avec amour, un gars de Montréal :)

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I've the same issue with the forced puzzle-piece of 'capture' - it's too linked with photography also, to do any justice to the mild thought that the grille looks like bars. I get the feeling that this one had a lot of client-meeting convincing involved to get it to this stage.

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Nice use of stock photography.

MissCopywriter's picture
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Damn, the line is so confusing...

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Meredith Singh
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The BMW version is a brilliant ad that won lots of awards and was on the cover of Luerzer's Archive. These guys should be embarrassed to have not been aware of it (and I believe they didn't know about it because it is much better than their ads).

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