Greatness, 2

September 2010
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Greatness comes from a well-crafted lineage. Here's ours.
Sometimes the pursuit of greatness starts with the ones who come before us. So to our legendary history we've added a bit of opulence. Ingenuity meets craftsmanship to create new American style. Introducing luxury for all terrain, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Greatness isn't just built, it's earned.

Advertising Agency: GlobalHue, Detroit, USA
Creative Directors: Vida Cornelious, Dolph Kawaleck
Art Directors: Dilam Mattia, Aubrey Walker, Bert Loera
Photographer: Scott Harben / SEE Pictures
Producers: Alicia Conner / SEE Pictures, Michael Miller, Lori Mass

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Ed Rapport
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Yea, I'm black and a copywriter student, and I think this ads aint the business. They all look the same, same copy, basically same art direction... Just a different portrait and mantel.. Why would anyone want to show Jeep in encased in wood? I can't see what this thing does on the open terrain.. Amateur at best.