Jeep: Garage

Retouching Bernie Solo

Advertising Agency: BBDO Detroit, Troy, USA
Creative Director: Mike Stocker, Robin Chrumka
Art Director: David Harpster
Copywriter: Mike Stocker
Illustrator:Photographer: Dennis Wiand

May, 2009


Chris's picture
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I think the retouching needs a little work, looks a little flat.
Otherwise nice idea.

rurorjuror's picture
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don't get it -- why upside down? retouching is weak...

Guest's picture

in the suburbs of the U.S everyone stores their "toys" in garage: hockey sticks, bikes, sleds, kayaks, etc... Jeep is yet another toy for the playground of the world. Old insight? Yes. But it's a nice solve and nicely executed.

tytpol's picture
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Just another one...

pwizzle's picture
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upside down to show that the jeep is another one of your outdoor adventure toys, like your kayak, bike, etc.

nice idea. agree the artwork is a little 2D.

silvi's picture
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nothing new

SoCH_TO's picture
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Don't Get it

Very Pooooooooooooooor

Live with Passion

cryingmouse's picture
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Jeep is the only toy for a real men

thedesignaddict's picture
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No idea why the Jeep is upside-down.

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
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Toy connection is a good idea, but this makes it look like a wreck.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Is real old.....

IRONWORKS's picture
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At first i thought of is a floor cleaning ad and that is why all stuff have to hang on the wall included the heavy jeep.

Sorry guys, don't make any sense at all and photo retouching can be improve.

kenbrown's picture
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Tired concept. I think I've seen a few of these kinds of jeep images in several car photographers portfolios.

As to those who don't get it, really? Pwizzle spelled it out as well as anyone could.

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