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Jaap Grolleman
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Any danger of this being interpreted the wrong way? E.g.; driving a Jeep is like riding a rollercoaster; no control at all.
The headline seems a bit of an afterthought - and much more at place in this ad;

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Nike Diesel
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First of all a roller coaster is constantly connected to it's rails, etc, whatever... We rarely hear any news about some random roller coaster accident so I think it is pretty fair to say it is pretty safe. IMO.
Second, I don't follow your link except the line.
Third, it's a first thought on both concept and the horrendous visual.

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I agree with Nike Diesel it's conceptually infantile

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"Hey how about showing driving a jeep is like being in a roller coaster because it's fun and bouncy? But be careful, it has to show nature, because jeep is for the countryside."

That is just so literal... Just, wow.

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Ad Analyst

Any newcomer from Ad school would not even think about such childish idea how DraftFCB can is out of me!

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The picture evokes safety, but on the other hand is really this kind of thrill jeep wants to promise us?

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Where is the jeep???

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