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Well trodden ground - 'makes big things look small'.

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That may be so, but i've never seen this interpretation and to see this kind of sophistication from a student is really great. Good for you.

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this one didnt work for me
mammoth is great!


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Better than the cuttwater stuff out there. And I am not sure the idea is about making big things looking small. Its more simply emphasizing the large size of the vehicle.

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Where is the connection with the product/brand? It's all a bit too indirect and therefor not engaging.

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Tero Ylitalo
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I agree with Brandon - this is a very intellectual thought, and presents the message well.

Toro, the connection is right there, it's all about the size...

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I like it, the car is at the centre of the piece and the type works extremely hard.

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only about half as boring as watching paint dry (so long as you first multiply how boring watching paint dry is by a factor of ten).

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