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Little product shot next to the finger... Looks like someone was worried about a disconnect....

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line, logo and product shot look like they were put on there by my mum. who is blind.

otherwise, i think its a cool idea.

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this is a repost as far as i remember
was highly critized then.

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Yes, one of the ads lost in the crash. Hope you don't mind.

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A little boy picking his nose...the ad was abt a lego toy excavators or something ...was funny.

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it's a cool idea i like it.hey is it me or is the logo's font and color a reminder of BIC's logo????????????? plus three letters here too, b and c being the same so it's a bit confusing....lol

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S.M. Shaikh

To me I think its a comparitive approach, precision and strength..... the finger should have been more healthy.?

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