jbs: Toilet

Men don't want to look at naked man.
jbs mens underwear

Advertising Agency: & Co, Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
Art Directors: Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Storegaard
Photographers: Rasmus Mogensen, Morten Laursen

December, 2007


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You can find other executions of this campaign here: http://adsoftheworld.com/search/node/jbs+mens+underwear

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ivan, i got the idea just because of your comment in the link: "Finally a company who got it right. I always said, men do not want to see other naked men when they are being sold men's underwear."

and now the line is in the ad too... you should charge them for that. :)

anyway, i like these ads. i second your comment.

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hey I have heard this line before .it 's about mens Jean.

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Yes. I can understand that :)

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Prakash Jayasha...
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..hot babes i think its work out


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What? Ew. I don't get it.

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Men also don't want to see beautiful naked women crapping. Most men anyway.

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i'd like to have a look at the brief but i doubt whether this campaign works out really... what about gays? they DO want to see men. besides, they are probably the ONLY ones that buy their underwear themselves and spend more money with more frequency on underwear. anyway, the art is very good.

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BAd IDea... GReaT Chicks!

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Men don't want to look at naked ladies on the toilet either.

Keep it simple, just have the chicks. They don't need to be doing gross manly activities.

But that's just my opinion man

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Margaret Gay
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this ad blows...

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Very different! In our industry we usually do not include women as the products are for men... but maybe we should? Not sure if they should be on the dunnie though :P LOL ... but it definitely is different and catches your eye and is bound to make people talk.

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