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Illustration is cool but where is the idea....or i missing somthing here!..... pls explain !

they don't have CD so, no idea ?!...realy bad!.....

Poor copy :(

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Mr. Guest commenter
I think the work is pretty coool one.
nothing wrong.

whats wrong with you?

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i agree with you.
nothing wrong with this creatives.

i like the campaign, its a different one.
not a bad idea and very nicely executed.

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good approach, cool illustrations!

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not outstanding
but i will stand out!

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simple, direct & well executed one.

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Guess Commenter? Hate to break it to you, but this illustration is far from cool. The ad itself is a disaster.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Have to agree with storytellers on this one. PUKE!

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yes. bad ad. bad ad.

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Look interesting when zoomed out, but click for larger view and Shazam! It's the attack of the 80's clipart rejects!

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you're right, style is there, but the finishing is bad...

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vote for pedro
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Arte sin idea

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i think idea is not bad
but nice art direction.

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Guest commenter

looks good.

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Guest commenter

nothing great about it!

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Guest commenter

the best work from Bhadra Communications.

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Guest commenter

Student's work?

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why all Positive commets from guest???

I don't like the idea! it's horrible

Flooded with art

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Guest commenter

It doesn't look like the guy in the illustration is enjoying eating so much... He looks stuffed... Is it defeating the purpose of the ad?...

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Guest commentator

no idea and terrible execution

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sorry... this is really bad... also disgusting.

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Guest commenter

It's Disgusting

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