Jamute: Marry me

Sound is all that matters.

Advertising Agency: Bronx, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Alexandre Silveira
Art Director: Filipe Matiazi
Copywriter: Alexandre Stamm


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G_add _add
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what are they selling? ???

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acho que precisava de uma legendinha tipo:
"Maria do Carmo, locutora e atriz da Jamute há 5 anos"
ou então colocar na marca JAMUTE PRODUÇÃO DE ÁUDIO.
essa peça aqui talvez (TALVEZ) seja a única que não precisaria disso...

i think that needs some copy like:
"Maria do Carmo, announcer and actress in JAMUTE for 5 years by now"
or put on trademark JAMUTE AUDIO PRODUCTIONS.

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I am le tre confused. Someone explain concept please

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i have problems to understand too...
they want to say that they can make radio spots, any audio production, that sounds is what really matter... you dont need a real handsome guy to do it a handsome voice... something like that.

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Audrius Kubrik
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i don't think it needs anything else there is. it's a sound studio and it's not confusing at all. it's funny.

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I like it.

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Ice Lenny
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What is this?

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