Jameson 1780, Tavern

November 2011
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Advertising Agency: Evolution Bureau, USA
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Art Director: Aaron Feiger
Copywriter: Jean Morrow
Executive Producer: Craig Batzofin
Project Director: Bo Jacobson
Project Associate: Ryan Leong
Broadcast Producer: Troy Courtney
Designer: Aaron Feiger
Designer: Bela Spohrer
Junior Designer: George Tong
Editor: Max Stein
Production Company: Unit 9
Director: Martin Percy
Director Of Photography: Carl Burke
Design Lead: Jarrod Castaing
Executive Producers: Valentina Culatti, Michelle Craig
Producer: Olivia Young
Producers: Fred Chak, Louis Figgis
Editor: Alex Burt
Director Of Technology: Yates Buckley
Technology Lead: Marco Scabia
Developers: David Hartono, Daniele Pelagatti
VFX: Simone Nunziato, Anafelle Liu
Developers: Alessandro Riccomini / Aicod, Luca Conti / Aicod
Illustrator: Steven Noble
Animator: Devin Croda
Animator: Meghan Newell
Color House: Splice
Colorist: Chris Rodgers
Producer: Ramit Anchal
Music: Xtreme Music
Recording Studio: One Union
Sound Engineer: Eban Carr

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I don't know what you all are saying. Look back in your lost minds and remember what advertising is: the evolution of an idea; salesmanship in print. Whether or not the concept was created a year ago, or in the 1800s, it's still a different and new product!

The ad is creative, effective, and gets the consumer to do more than just look at it.