James Boag's Pure: Explosions, Yeast

Tasmanian Yeast
Barley hops & water
From the only place it's possible.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Mojo, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Micah Walker
Art Director: Kirsty Gavin
Photographer: Dan Tobin-Smith
Art Buyer: Alison Dunlop

February, 2010


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Je ne comprens pas!

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same set of ads, not clear what's the message

=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

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it just so happens that i'm a beer freak, so i know what hops, yeast and barley look like. however, to be honest, i doubt many people do. Unless they're targeting a very exclusive group of brewers, aficionados, and hop growers of the world, this ad doesn't make sense to the customer. Otherwise, fascinating. What I might add is that with the concept the agency restrict themselves to well, three ads: barley, hops, yeast. there's no expansion, no exploration. kind of a self-imposed restriction.

also, i don't quite get the visual. what's with the trees? and the room confinement? an explosion of flavor? cool. but why the trees?

roel_bogers's picture
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These series are pretty impressive visually. Looks nice. but frankly, I don't get the message.
It all looks pretty but it doesn't communicate at all.

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i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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its a nice execution thou but i dont get the message

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Marlus Lau
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Me neither.

Imagepro's picture
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Me neither.. But what do we know, maybe thats the point, to make us wonder?

David Wolters's picture
David Wolters
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Explosion looks nice, but do not understand

David Wolters's picture
David Wolters
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Explosion looks nice, but do not understand

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No idea what this means.

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