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does this ad really going to sell the product?

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You know, why not? However you feel about Assange, he's always stood by his stall of honesty and openness. And 'a little pot of purity' feels about right, as long as that rape case is shown to be a sham and set-up. I think the copy on this hits the right jovial tone, skips along nicely, not too seriously, and also hits the nationalistic bell for Australia. I like it.

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Roger Keynes
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I like it. And I think it will work here.
Lots of good vibes for this dude in Oz.
Both "brands'' having only good intentions.
Very smartly coat-tailed, IOT
Great to see small space press, too! :).

Will Think for Salary

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Really bad.

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wikileaks = sanitary pads. go!

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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