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nice idea and copy but the art direction hmmm i don't know, i don't like the typeface and style. The newspaperstyle is not really working.
but funny :)

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These r a rip-off of an award-winning campaign which was brilliantly done. It was 4 a book store & the layout was in the exact form of a tabloid. It had headlines like "Black slave kills lover in a fit of jealousy" (or something like that). The story then eventually lead to ...."To know more, refer Shakspeare's Othello...etc. etc." Those were good, really good. Now these...I wud turn the page...


Not all who wander are lost.

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Call me anal, but "flaxen-haired" and "smooth-talking" need hyphens. Just saying. Really - the rest is kind of uninspired.

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Fallon McElligott, 1980 something.

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"Those were good, really good. Now these...I wud turn the page..."

What, like you did when stopped to offer your 5cents worth, right.

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I know where the ad agency, in this case M&C Saatchi, Los Angeles, USA, got the idea. youtube search Tabloid Art, "The Tabloid Art Ready Reference (How To Be Entertaining In New Ways) - published 2006" or google "jeff xvala tabloid art".

I love the ad.

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