ITV Injustice: Angel

Advertising Agency: BBH London, UK
Creatives: Simon Pearse, Emmanuel Saint M'Leux
Creative Directors: David Kolbusz, Nick Kidney
Head of Art: Mark Reddy
Illustrator: Noma Bar
Producers: Sally Green, Austin Vernon
Digital Designers: Craig Jones, Craig Dodd, Jon Wiltshire
Team Manager: Lucy Scott
Team Director: Ebla Salvi
Planners: Emma Caldwell, Anastassios Tsitsopoulos


gadgets's picture
1063 pencils

playing with optical illusion...
overall it is good because make me curious about it. good job

Anji's picture
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I don't get this one. Can someone explain it, pls :) ?

manso123's picture
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It's a devil within an angel

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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For the most part it's completely ordinary, completely familiar (, professionally executed advertising. Nothing truly awful, but nothing unexpected, either.

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It's a woman's pussy's picture
22 pencils

I saw exactly the same thing: a woman with her legs open ...

ace85le's picture
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Errrr.... trying to make a twist but it's not that clever.


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blueturtles's picture
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ummm...looks like a woman spreading her legs. is that what i was supposed to see. thought it was just me but i showed it to some people in my agency and they saw the same thing.

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