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brilliant art! powerful..

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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no offence..

u like it 'cos it may be a nice piece of art??
i dont like it 'cos its not a good piece of ad...

so wat does its say??
its a sparkling water?? so?? is that the USP?? what so special??
u mean u will start drinking it after seeing this ad???
not me..=(

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totaly agreed

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Very grabby series, striking and kinda timeless.
It's not water it's art or some bollocks, not familiar with the brand. Also not too sure if it even needs a headline. After all what can you say about water except it's sparkling, or overpriced and falls out of the sky for free. Just once I would like to see someone stick a big baby bottle teet on one of those things and say "Only 3 bucks a pop."

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Hee. I worked on a sparkling water brand once, and we too thought of the "it's not water" idea.

Client didn't buy it, but we worked the hell out of that idea.

Because it IS an idea. And it generated lots of other ideas.

This... has no idea.

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