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no connection between situation and product. cricket game situation would be better option, where a fielder drops a catch because his hands are busy somewhere else...

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not really. here he is supposed to waive the red flag with his hands, which are busy scratching his crotch.



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ok... the school as well as the student creative - please peruse:
being associated with this brand for over 2 years and working to take it to such a level (special mention - NITIN PRADHAN, JK & of corse Rajesh Sonawne, CD, Mudra, Ahmedabad) where it had gone past the problem and used to the product benefit to aid situations that are actually scratched, e.g. scratchings &/or etchings on the walls of buildings including historical ones, marks on tree and at the tin-back of public bus seats saying "can't help scratching?". this won golds at awards.
the next level was showing "THAKUR from SHOLAY" using the same line.
my point here is - please try to find out ways of expressing things through absolutely non-believable situations. and before u skip this comment for being "preachy", let me also say that there is still a lot that can be done with the brand. it's just that nobody's trying harder.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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right sir.. sure will do..

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nice art.

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