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Sorry ccsman04, but if you can't understand why there's a copywriter on these credits, you don't understand how advertising works.

And if you are in fact a real AD at a real advertising agency, you'd realize that the ADs oversee the people who do the illustrations and "direct" it (hence the name, "art director"). Why don't you have the same reaction to an ad that's all photography? Since, by your logic, the photographer should get the AD credit.

You simply do not seem to understand what CWs and ADs ACTUALLY do. I'm not sure what kind of agency you work at, but at most agencies, CWs and ADs concept ideas. Those ideas could be all copy or all visual or anywhere in between. Then the CW will write whatever needs to be written (if anything) and the AD will direct the art (whether it's typography, photography, illustration or whatever).

As for the number of names, maybe this came out of a brainstorm with a bunch of people. Or they split responsibilities to meet a deadline. Who knows? If you had the experience you claim to have, you'd realize that it's not unreasonable.

Also, there's a photographer on the credits because there's a photo in the ad. Look at the lower left hand corner.