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Activity Score 58

Fresh fruit on meat? No thanks

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Activity Score 54

I like the idea .. a lot.

But the illustrations, photography and color: disgusting. It looks like a bad student's work.

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Activity Score 4815

I like these. Only the guts illustration could have been crafted better rather than just using a mechanical stroke width. You can tell it's Adobe Illustrator.

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Activity Score 364

I Like the insight, always is enought space for ice cream.
The art mmm...not so much.

Jonathan Betancur

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Activity Score 3845

hmmm very interesting. Let's show this ad in some third world country... I'm interested to know what they'll think. / Facebook : Joelapompe

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Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048

It comes from a 3rd world country.

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Activity Score 830

The line should read "There's always room." That's how it's said in English, referring specifically to your stomach and dessert. "Save room for dessert" or "I have room for dessert."

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Activity Score 1675

Yeah if only the people of the most overweight country in the world would even contemplate a mini ice-cream cone in favour of their xxxl portion sizes...

... its already been done...

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Activity Score 1476

hehehe, nice

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Activity Score 906

love the art direction!!!

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Activity Score 58

Fresh fruit on meat? No thanks